Wednesday 08/04/1999 5:25:31pm Simon Christie Thurstonland. I happened to catch some of your reserves in action the other day and must say you have some very promising young talent.
I was particularly impressed with the young lad Leon Wainman. He showed great skill, control and vision and could certainly go far with the proper encouragement.
How lucky Emley is to have such a promising player. I look forward to seeing the team play again.
Monday 08/23/1999 1:54:18am
Ivan Winch (Dog & Partridge)
A place to rest
Need better players if you want to win the league
Tuesday 08/24/1999 6:32:34am
Phil Boyde
Great Site. See you a Holker Street!!!
Thursday 08/26/1999 2:51:19pm
Øyvind Sørensen
Lillehammer, Norway Hello
Great homepage, be proud!!
I`ve tried to mail to the club but it did not go through.
Could someone please mail me and help me get more information about what`s going on in the club.

Øyvind Sørensen
Thursday 09/16/1999 7:18:29pm
Peter Hague
Nice site.
Good start to the season.
Keep it up.